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PLTD Apung, Fascinating Ship In Residental Area

PLTD Apung, Fascinating Ship In Residental Area   - PLTD Apung becomes a favorable attraction, either the local society or outside area of Aceh. Most of Malaysian are loving to come here. Fascinating ship in residential area. PLTD Apung, Fascinating Ship In Residental Area PLTD Apung is a offshore diesel- powered electric generating ship where formerly used to supply the crisis of electricity power in Banda Aceh City. It will be used when suffering prolonged conflict. It has the weight of 2.600 ton carried by the 2004 tsunami water along 5 kilometer away from coastline and stationed in the center of local village. This floating diesel has a 63 meters length and 1,900 meters area. What's remarkable is that this enormous ship sits right in the middle of a densely packed residential area. The tsunami hit this place hard, as is evidenced by both the presence of the ship and a smattering of smashed up houses sitting within the confines of this bizarre tourist attraction.

Ramadan: Tarawih at Great Baiturrahman Mosque

Acehnese muslims attend a mass prayer session " Tarawih " marking the beginning of the holy fasting month of Ramadan in a Great Baiturrahman Mosque in Banda Aceh of Indonesia’s Aceh province on June 17. Ramadan: Tarawih at Great Baiturrahman Mosque In the first tarawih prayer Ramadan 1436 H, Great Baiturrahman Mosque is fulfilled by thousands pilgrims from various region in Aceh Province. In between tarawih prayer short speech gave by Imam of Great Baiturrahman Mosque persuaded us to not leave tarawih prayer and society should increase the aims in the month which always waited by everyone. Beside in Great Baiturrahman Mosque, muslim majority in the Aceh district which has 4.2 millions populations began the fasting that compatible with the schedule which had set by government. Over a billion muslims around the world have begun observing the holy month of Ramadan, expected to abstain during daylight hours from food, drink and smoking and other ph

Meugang, The Way Aceh Welcoming Ramadan

Meugang is a tradition to consume beef or buffalo to be eaten together for celebrate the beginning of Ramadan, Idul Fitri and Idul Adha. Meat ranges in price about $9 to $11 per kg depending on the diet and quality. Aceh People Conduct Meugang To Welcome Fasting Month Ramadan month special considered for the people of Aceh, they do some preparation in welcoming the arrival of this month. Acehnese t raditional  celebration preparing for the beginning of Ramadan is slaughters animals like cow and buffalo. The meat will be sold at the market or consumption by its own. This kind of activity in Acehnese known as meugang or makmeugang is an important day for the people of Aceh. On that day, people get together with their families to eat meat to fortify themselves for the following month of fasting. Appeared in daily life, meugang tradition is like obligated for the people of Aceh. Meugang tradition embodied by preparing dishes and cereal offering that variegated. Menu that

Incredible Beauty of Air Terjun Seunerah

Incredible Beauty of Air Terjun Seunerah Air Terjun Seunerah in Aceh Besar, probably not too well known. Water  splashing   against rocks always  awesome! The water that spilled from the height of the rock cliffs into the beautiful scenery. Underneath, people gathered and ready to play a natural shower or swim in a cool pool. At various places in Indonesia, the waterfall has always been a fascinating natural attractions.  Incredible Beauty of Air Terjun Seunerah Air Terjun Seunerah l ocated in Indrapuri, Kecamatan Cot Kuta Glei Aceh Besar, Aceh. Air Terjun Seunerah also located in  North Region  Ulu Masen  national park, Aceh. In Ulu Masen, known variety of flora and fauna.  Several almost extinct animal species, such as tigers, elephants, the Sumatran rhinoceros and orangutans also inhabit the forest. A phyton snake we met in the jungle at night. Photo by Hashfi Hamdani Waterfall with a height of approximately 100 meters is has superb views. During the rainy season,