Friday Acehnese Language: Household Appliances Words

Have you visited Aceh province? Surely you will hear locals speaking in aceh. While visiting the home of the people of aceh the following term will often be heard. Now, here is the Acehnese vocabulary for you to put to those little wonders. I wrote an example conversation as at home on the bottom of the this article.
Friday Acehnese Language: Household Appliances Family Words
English Acehnese Bathroom Kama manoe Bed Peuratah Chair Kurusi Closet Mari Comb Sugot Door Pintoe DrawString waist Taloe keuieng Floor Aleu Flowers Bungoeng Glass Glah8 Grass Naleung Hijab Jeuleubab

Friday Acehnese Language: Acehnese Family Words

On this page the author tried to give a special place for every reader who want to know a little bit about the acehnese, who had been already begun replaced with national languages. Indeed, It is not wrong but it would be better when we are also capable of speaking acehnese and also speaks national language. 
Acehnese Language Day: Acehnese Family Words
Acehnese Language Day article will present every Friday. Hopefully it can help communities around the world in learning the language.
No Acehnese English 1. Lōn I 2. Kah/ Dron You 3. Anёk Child 4. Adёk The Younger Brother 5. Kakak Sister 6. Mak <

Ervan Ceh Kul, Young Singer Finds Passion In Ethnic

Ervan, Such a talented young artist that have the full name Yoga Ervan. In an age that is still very young, Ervan including figure-laden achievements and have a lot of ability in the arts.
Ervan Ceh Kul, Young Singer Finds Passion In Ethnic
On April, 11 1988, Ervan was born to a family of thick with the scent of artistic activity. The first son Mr. Abadi Ayus of which is also the son of legendary artists M. Thaib or better known as M. Des Lakiki. Ervan’s grandfather also the founder of the Didong Lakiki Kampung Kute Lintang Group which had succeeded in the Post-war occupation of Dutch and remain as the group's pioneering birth Didong arts in Gayo Highlands.
Ervan is a figure that deserves thumbs up. At the age of 5 years Ervan has already started to join the Didong Timang Rasa Group accompany his father who also still active at that time as Ceh Kucak. At the age of 6 years, ervan has also started to try how it feels to enter recording as a child singer with the song title “Anak Merek…

Koskah, A Place For Acehnese Sketchers

"Drawing helps me stay in the present moment and in sketch i found the aesthetics of art " Luqyana Yusrizal said.
Koskah, A PlaFor Acehnese Sketchers
Luqyana is a member of sketch community, Koskah (Komunitas Sketsa Aceh) in Banda Aceh. Koskah is a community that was formed in 2010 as a forum for the sketches lovers. Initially, Koskah formed by a group of students of the Architecture Department  Syiah Kuala University by Amri Satria and Adia Mirza and the community named Komunitas Arsitektur (KSA).
Due to suggestions from lecturer and other shetcher from outside Architecture Department  Syiah Kuala University, the community name changed to Komunitas Sketsa Aceh (Koskah) in March, 2011.
According to Luqyana,  Koskah interested in getting together to go sketching, drawing or painting in and around Banda Aceh or Great Aceh. It just happen to like visiting parts of Banda Aceh or Great Besar and might like to do something artistic to capture the many aspects of our country.
Koskah foc…

A Unique Drawstring Pouch From Aceh, Baluem Cuet

If Native American Indians made pouches to carry mirrors, face body paints, “medicine” items, pipes, sewing equipment, Acehnese made pouches to carry tobacco, nipa palm leafs, and ranup at the past.
A Unique Drawstring Pouch From Aceh, Baluem Cuet But today, these “Sanger Ban Sigom Donya” drawstring pouch called Baluem Cuet are handy to have around. Made in a range of sizes and they are perfect for stowing small stuff. You can fill it with your smartphone, glasses, USB, harmonica, and earphone *essential items for me.
Drawstring pouch are another exciting product that Ija Kroeng've added to their growing suite of creative goodies. This unique carry-all is sure to fit many uses. The meaning of Sanger Ban Sigom Donya is Sanger All Around The World. Indirectly i have been promoting to taste Sanger coffee while i use these pouch. Explanation about sanger you can read here.
I have selected a few ways that you and your friends can utilize these high-quality Ija Kroeng’s pouch. For the artist…

Celebrating International Sanger Day With Traditional Concept

@iloveaceh community, held a peak of International Sanger Day in the courtyard of Pasar Atjeh, Saturday (31/10/2015 ) evening. Acehnese coffee lovers, at that night enjoyed free Sanger while entertained by a solo singer newcomers Tereza & Friends  and Amoba Band.
Celebrating International Sanger Day With Traditional Concept The initiator of the event, Aulia Fitri from the @iloveaceh Community, said the celebration was held to further popularize typical drink Acehnese coffee shop, which became the main menu all around Aceh.
Sanger coffee is made from a mixture of good black coffee from robusta or arabica beans and sweet condensed milk mixed sugar. If at first glance, sanger in general just like coffee cappucin milk or as a mixture. This type of beverage was born in the early 1990s. According to history, Sanger is an acronym of “sama-sama ngerti” or “both understand”. Sanger came from compromise between the coffee shop owner/barista and its customers. According to the story, Sanger was …