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Pukat Thok, A Mashed Avocado Drink from Sigli

Hi friends! Do you love avocado? I love avocado – we’re avocado over avocado! And today, I’m sharing perhaps the unique way to serve up some traditional drink from Aceh, in a cold Pokat Thok. Anyhow, this drink is maybe the most amazing drink I have ever had. Every sip I took I was yelling to my friend “this is so good!” So of course you’re going to want to try it. Pokat Thok is traditional Aceh’s drink that is quite rare in the capital city. But, the way to make a traditional drink Aceh is quite unique. Pokat thok seller, Imam cut an avocado hanging from his stall. Mostly, start with the perfect avocado.  For the most intense avocado flavor, he recommends a avocado at room temperature that is maroon or maroon with brown spots. Then he peeled the avocado and put in a glass. He picks up the avocado and hold it in both hands, with the cut you made in the middle. Twist the two halves in opposite directions, and they'll pop apart with the pit staying lodged in one o