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Saprahan, Eating Tradition In Sambas

It's been a long time ago, Indonesia is known as a nation with a rich tradition. Consists of five major islands with various tribes and religions who live in it becoming one of the reasons that accompanies it. There is a tradition of the wedding ceremony, seven monthly tradition, the tradition of eating together, and other traditions are held intact by the local community. One who has these particularities are Sambas District, West Kalimantan. District where my Work Field Experience (KKN) Kebangsaan located as a teacher. Saprahan: Eating Tradition In Sambas, West Kalimantan Saprahan is tradition that be queath and this event is celebrated for giving thanks to Allah SWT. The meaning of Saprahan comes from word “sap” means in arrow. This event is usually done by Malaynese in West Kalimantan,like in Sambas, Mempawah, and Pontianak City in wedding party and celebrating something. People serve Saprahan by spreading out the white fabric on the floor and people use some tr