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Blangkejeren-Langsa Through Lokop

The journey from the city center of Blangkejeren to Langsa through Lokop only take over 7 hours drive. It was evident to break through the steep roads that cut through the mountains to get to Langsa. I tried to shoot some photos in this journey.  Blangkejeren-Langsa Through Lokop PLTD Apung is a offshore diesel- powered electric generating ship where formerly us The journey begins after carrying a camera and buy food and mineral water. We used double cabin car drove to break through the winding roads. I and my friends agreed to have lunch together in the Genting Pining sub-district of Gayo Lues while enjoying coffee. The car continued until the vehicle speed reaches 60 km per hour. And winding uphill road is not a problem for us, as long as the land is solid. Our vehicles surely penetrate the field. A few hours later, the group arrived at a dangerous climb before entering the Aih Putih Bridge, vehicles are forced one by one hill. An oncoming car head under pressure n