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Aceh Surfing Festival 2016

Experience Aceh’s prime surf competition on Beach of Lampuuk. Surfers exclaim with freestyle moves. There is no limit to the expression on the waves. They are judged based on skill sets, creative individuality & style while surfing on Kuala Cut Lampuuk. Aceh Surfing Festival 2016 is all set to ignite the swell and sands with surfing, community gathering, flashmob, windsurfing, traditional food of Aceh, music, and art from 10th to 11th December, bringing together not only surfers from across the country and abroad but also artists, Acehnese musicians. This year ASF will leave no stones unturned to offer a variety of learning sessions and workshops to all its camping, residents and visitors. More than being a surf community celebration, ISF is a melting pot of ideas and creativity utilizing Art, Music and Ocean Adventure attempting to promote and encourage the use of self-sustainable and eco-friendly ways of living with the mother nature-culture.  It’s a congreg