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Various Types of Acehnese Hand-woven (Tenun)

Weaving and embroidery have long been part of Aceh's traditional textile industry, which dates back to the "golden era' of Sultan Iskandar Muda. During his reign, trade flourished with Islamic countries like Turkey and Persia. Various Types of Acehnese Hand-woven (Tenun) Weaving was one of the original craft area that needs to be constantly dug, preserved and expanded. Currently Weaving is not only used as part of the completeness of customs, but has evolved into a fashion. This craft is very potential to be widely developed and commercial because it is the product of a culture that has a style and design that is unique and interesting. The craft of weaving also requires adjustments to the tastes of the community now, especially in terms of motif and model. The development of weaving in Aceh has also experienced a very rapid progression in the presence of 2 (two) types of weaving that developed at this time are: Tenun Songket Acehnese hand-woven songket was