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PLTD Apung Museum Now Lures Tourists

PLTD Apung Museum Now Lures Tourists - You can see clearly how strong the tsunami that hit Aceh. A gigantic ship been wash away for over 5km from the sea and now became a museum in it. One of 'you need to go here place' for me in Aceh because recently presents a variety of important information. PLTD Apung Museum Now Lures Tourists

Enjoy The Twinkling of Banda Aceh from Glee Geunteng Hill

Enjoy The Twinkling of Banda Aceh from Glee Geunteng Hill -  When you ask young people who live in the city of Banda Aceh, where the most excellent place in the evenings to see city light? Probably almost all will answer the Goh Leumo, but you can see it too at Glee Geunteng hill! This tourist location does have its own charm. From this spot you can see the beautiful view of the Banda Aceh city lights when night, so do not be surprised if this place can be a place for an excellent getaway with your travel mate. Enjoy The Twinkling of Banda Aceh from Glee Geunteng Hill The road to the Glee Geunteng Hill must pass through the Gampong Rima and motorcycles parked on one of the resident house. The time required to reach the peak is 1 hour, it’s about 200m above sea level. The beauty of Glee Geunteng Hill not only in view of the night but when the morning or during the day you can also see the spectacular scenery. The natural landscape will make you amazed. You can perform a var

Various Types of Acehnese Hand-woven (Tenun)

Weaving and embroidery have long been part of Aceh's traditional textile industry, which dates back to the "golden era' of Sultan Iskandar Muda. During his reign, trade flourished with Islamic countries like Turkey and Persia. Various Types of Acehnese Hand-woven (Tenun) Weaving was one of the original craft area that needs to be constantly dug, preserved and expanded. Currently Weaving is not only used as part of the completeness of customs, but has evolved into a fashion. This craft is very potential to be widely developed and commercial because it is the product of a culture that has a style and design that is unique and interesting. The craft of weaving also requires adjustments to the tastes of the community now, especially in terms of motif and model. The development of weaving in Aceh has also experienced a very rapid progression in the presence of 2 (two) types of weaving that developed at this time are: Tenun Songket Acehnese hand-woven songket was

Historical Site, Zero Point of Banda Aceh

One of the favorite destinations for walkers visiting the Aceh is the point of zero km Sabang on Weh Island, site of a monument zero kilometre marker geographical parts of Western Indonesia. How about zero point of Banda Aceh? Historical Site, Zero Point of Banda Aceh I've always had this fascination of the point markers that indicates kilometers to or from the center of the place of which I am traveling to or from much more for KM 0 landmarks. In the area of Gampong Jawa there is an monument, less than one meter high. The monument is often called Banda Aceh or kilometre zero is also the place of origin of the city of Banda Aceh. The monument was barely visible from the street, as if hidden and not easy to find. The monument is made as Jeu'e (winnowing fork rice) or a depiction of Aceh Lhee Sagoe. Called Aceh Lhee Sagoe because there are three angles (sagoe) which sustains the Kingdom of Aceh. This monument has a position facing the open sea. There ar

5 Sense Touch, Ie Seum Hot Spring

Do you want to enjoy the thrill of a hot bath with stunning nature a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains? Ie Suum is the right place.  5 Sense Touch, Ie Suum Hot Spring   You can head to one of the hot springs to unwind and relax your muscles after a long day of trekking and exploring. The natural hot springs are particularly pleasant in the cool mountain air. Locals bathe regularly to heal or relieve many ailments such as high blood pressure, anaemia, arthritis and rheumatism. Ie Suum has its own charm as well as nature thermal baths area for tourism. Natural hot springs comes from the Seulawah volcano is one of the prime tourist attractions in the Ie Suum village, Mesjid Raya sub-district, Aceh Besar which is located at the foot of Mount Meuh or about 35 kilometers from Banda Aceh. Ie Suum name literally comes from the ‘Ie’ word means water and Suum means Hot. Tourism is a mainstay in Ie Suum indeed the presence of natural hot springs in addition to