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Kawa Daun, The Joy of Coffee Leaves Blend With Tea Taste

Kawa daun Coffee generally derived from the coffee beans and processed into coffee powder. Actually, this coffee comes from the leaves of coffee. How come?  Kawa Daun, The Joy of Coffee Leaves Blend With Tea Taste  This coffee named Kawa Daun Kawa, derived from the Arabic qahwah, which means coffee. Kawa daun made from steeped coffee  leaves . Kawa daun boiled until lightly browned then added by milk or sugar.  This minang drinks sold at a relatively affordable price that is between Rp5.000,- up to Rp10.000,-. Uniquely, this coffee is served in a coconut shell. The drink presented in a unique way that uses coconut shells as a substitute for glass. If a visit to Payakumbuh or Tanah Datar, you can feel the sensation to enjoy this coffee.  Kawa daun with fried banana Coffee flavor is very similar, such as tea, coffee with a distinctive aroma. Kawa daun feels good when bika cake, lemang and fried banana beside you.  “The taste like a tea” said Jo. Based

Mie Aceh: Spicy Noodle with a Serious Piece of Pigeon

Mie Aceh is a spicy noodle dish from Aceh that uses thick yellow noodle. Cooked well with a spicy curry. Usually served either soupy (mie kuah), half-soupy (mie goreng basah/tumis), or fried noodle (mie goreng). The Acehnese  original recipe  people usually use beef, goat meat, or common seafood ingredient such as prawn. How about to add pigeon meat as prawn? How good does it sounds? Mie Aceh: Spicy Noodle with a Serious Piece of Pigeon According to Specialist Animal Concern  Consultant   Dr. Michael Imchen claim that pigeon meat is a sweet and delicate white game meat with extremely low skin fat and low cholesterol value. Pigeon meat is rich in micronutrients and a wide range of vitamins including the B complex, folate and vitamin E and K with extremely low skin fat and low cholesterol value. Luckly i had chance to taste some pigeon meat in my acehnese spicy noodle and it’s sound very appetizing for me.  Starting from the Junior High School room chat, Agus offer us t

Mie Caluk, Spaghetti From Pidie

Mie Aceh? of sure you already knew that. This time i’ll share stories about the Mie Caluk . At first glance its shape similar to the spaghetti from Italy, and there is a seasoning sauces as well. Mie caluk a noodle-based confectionary name which is actually more popular in his home region of Pidie and Pidie Jaya. Mie Caluk, Spaghetti From Pidie Typical of this noodle is much larger in size (diameter) compared with Mie Aceh. The seasoning used natural spices like red onion, garlic and chilies. You can served it by smple way, noodles cooked by frying with seasoning. The sauce usually cooked separate with fried onions, chili, tomatoes and cauliflower. Besides that there are also seasoning beans, red sauce as additional when served up. Mie Caluk is not only popular in their hometown, but now beginning to popular and sell in Banda Aceh, Bireuen, Lhokseumawe and other cities in Aceh. If you had walking around Banda Aceh in the afternoon, there are many seller who are selling Mie