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Traditional Palm Leaves Roof Craftswoman In Aceh

Traditional Palm Leaves  Rumoh Aceh roof usually made of sago palm leaves tied with rattan which has been cut into small pieces. Then corroborated again with wood as lath used to support or press down roof tiles. Traditional Palm Leaves Roof Craftswoman In Aceh We might have rarely to see houses in urban areas, even in outer residential areas were still use the roof from sago palm leaves. Both models of that roof have changed functions by zinc plate and fiber roof. Besides resilience confined to cover a house, palm roof is also fragile damaged by the big wind storm. Sago palm leaves at the current time almost extinct. The fact remains there is some community which depends the manufacturer to earn some money from sago palm leaves traditionally roof. Especially the people who live in villages. Every single sheet the sago palm leaves roof usually in length about 1.5 meters to 1.8 meters. A month ago, I and Muhammad Mirza Fauzi visited central of sago palm leaves t