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5 things to do at Aceh Culinary Fest 2016

5 things to do at Aceh Culinary Fest 2016 - A three-day Acehnese culinary festival is back again from May 10 through May 12 in Blang Padang, Banda Aceh. This year, the focus remains on traditional drinks, snack, and food party. Here is a list of five things to do and see throughout the 3-day festival: 1. Food Party Annually held in the outdoor area main hall of Blang Padang food festival is probably the most sought-after event of the entire festival. There should be a night national record-breaking Teut Apam (making apam) by 1000 furnace held at the opening of this festival. On the second day, There was Kuah Beulangong (beef with spicy curry sauce cook) served to the visitor. 2. Savor local cuisine This year, the venue decorated has been transformed to look like black board and with chalks with clear information for each food stalls filling the area and serving traditional dishes from around the country Various food dishes and traditional delicacies can be foun

3 Ways to Promote Ija Kroeng

3 Ways to Promote Ija Kroeng - Sarong or in Acehnese called “IjaKroeng” are worn all around Aceh and Indonesia by males, females, adults, and children.  3 Ways to Promote Ija Kroeng

Meugang, The Way Aceh Welcoming Ramadan

Meugang is a tradition to consume beef or buffalo to be eaten together for celebrate the beginning of Ramadan, Idul Fitri and Idul Adha. Meat ranges in price about $9 to $11 per kg depending on the diet and quality. Aceh People Conduct Meugang To Welcome Fasting Month Ramadan month special considered for the people of Aceh, they do some preparation in welcoming the arrival of this month. Acehnese t raditional  celebration preparing for the beginning of Ramadan is slaughters animals like cow and buffalo. The meat will be sold at the market or consumption by its own. This kind of activity in Acehnese known as meugang or makmeugang is an important day for the people of Aceh. On that day, people get together with their families to eat meat to fortify themselves for the following month of fasting. Appeared in daily life, meugang tradition is like obligated for the people of Aceh. Meugang tradition embodied by preparing dishes and cereal offering that variegated. Menu that