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Mata Ie Downhill Syndicate Terrain

Mata Ie Downhill Syndicate Terrain -  Since 2014, Mata Ie Hill Side, Aceh Besar, Aceh turn into the ultimate downhill mountain biking course with a variety of challenging technical trail features such as berms, ramps and jumps. This downhill terrain accessible by car and motorbike, offering generations of riders the chance to feel the ultimate downhill thrill. Mata Ie Downhill Syndicate Terrain Mata Ie Downhill terrain located in covered military forest. First, Mata Ie Downhill Syndicate  got the permission to create the terrain and the trail created from donation from each Mata Ie Downhill Syndicate member. So, all riders must have a valid pass from head of Mata Ie Downhill Syndicate, Mr. Hendri that covers the use of all mountain bike trails. Mata Ie Mountain Bike Park is a downhill playground with trail of downhill terrain that stretches out for over 2 miles. Mata Ie Mountain Bike Park terrain is best suited for intermediate and advanced riders, but its pump tra

Teluk Jantang Lhoong, Hidden Beach to Hideaways

Teluk Jantang Lhoong, Hidden Beach to Hideaways - There still many beautiful hidden beaches along the west coast of Aceh. Explore is a challenge. One is Teluk Jantang Beach protected by two hills on the left and right. The beach which has a unique name located in Desa Jantang Meunasah Krueng Kala Pasie, Lhoong, Aceh Besar, Aceh, Indonesia. Teluk Jantang Lhoong, Hidden Beach to Hideaways Not many people know about this beach. But if we stand on Blang Pasie Beach,  the Teluk Jantang Beach seen behind the rock on the left. Visitor should steer the vehicle into the existing footpath on the left.  Because it is hidden, access to this beach including difficult. Only two wheels vehicles can come to left side of the end beach.  From a park place of a motorcycle, visitors must pass through a trail which is about 100 meters to Jantang Hill. You must trek the hill  and passed across the estuary. One way footpath will be felt heavy when the rain and become slick. After that visitors w

Wild Swimming In Mountala River (Krueng Mountala)

River rapid shot taken with slow shutter speed Wild Swimming In Mountala River (Krueng Mountala) -  Wild swimming in rivers is increasing in popularity across Aceh, as people discover (or, perhaps, rediscover) the pleasure of swimming in freshwaters: unaffected by chlorinated water, stark lights and tightly regimented lanes. Wild Swimming In Mountala River (Krueng Mountala) On February, 11 2015 we rode motorbike for one hour and 15 minutes trekking, ending up at The Mountala River (Krueng Mountala ),  65,2 km from Banda Aceh. The weather was perfect-cool and overcast for the trek in the morning and hot sunny in the afternoon. The water was ice-cold and refreshing and it was so much fun splashing around with the friends. How to get to the The Mountala River (Krueng Mountala)  Path Here is a map of the Krueng Mountala Path It is one of the nicer Jantho motorbike paths, winding and skipping from one side of the Batalyon Kavaleri 11/Serbu TNI, all the way to the Mounta