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Pasi Saka, Soft Sandy Beach

Pasi Saka Beach Pasi Saka, Soft Sandy Beach - With calm, turquoise waters and soft, powdery sand, it’s no surprise when Aceh Jaya beaches are recognized as some of the best in the world i though. Perhaps the most famous is Pasi Saka Beach in Sampoiniet. Aceh Jaya’s shores are so beautiful, that most of the time pictures don’t do them any justice. You have to visit to witness just how stunning they actually are. Pasi Saka, Soft Sandy Beach Nothing more challenging than when we are visiting Aceh Jaya’s hidden treasure; Pasi Saka that offers enchanting natural landscape. This beach hidden behind Ujong Gla hill, Gampong Jeumpheuk, Kecamatan Sampoiniet, Aceh Jaya.  In addition to pristine, the grueling uphill track will pay off once white sand flanked by two stretches of savannah hills make this coastline hidden from the crowded place and relatively far from local local residential makes this beach is still fairly rare to visit. Unspoiled natural beach tourism activities. Th