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Mata Ie Downhill Syndicate Terrain

Mata Ie Downhill Syndicate Terrain - Since 2014, Mata Ie Hill Side, Aceh Besar, Aceh turn into the ultimate downhill mountain biking course with a variety of challenging technical trail features such as berms, ramps and jumps. This downhill terrain accessible by car and motorbike, offering generations of riders the chance to feel the ultimate downhill thrill. Mata Ie Downhill Syndicate Terrain Mata Ie Downhill terrain located in covered military forest. First, Mata Ie Downhill Syndicate  got the permission to create the terrain and the trail created from donation from each Mata Ie Downhill Syndicate member. So, all riders must have a valid pass from head of Mata Ie Downhill Syndicate, Mr. Hendri that covers the use of all mountain bike trails. Mata Ie Mountain Bike Park is a downhill playground with trail of downhill terrain that stretches out for over 2 miles. Mata Ie Mountain Bike Park terrain is best suited for intermediate and advanced riders, but its pump track for new or beginner r…