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5 Sense Touch, Ie Seum Hot Spring

Do you want to enjoy the thrill of a hot bath with stunning nature a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains? Ie Suum is the right place.  5 Sense Touch, Ie Suum Hot Spring   You can head to one of the hot springs to unwind and relax your muscles after a long day of trekking and exploring. The natural hot springs are particularly pleasant in the cool mountain air. Locals bathe regularly to heal or relieve many ailments such as high blood pressure, anaemia, arthritis and rheumatism. Ie Suum has its own charm as well as nature thermal baths area for tourism. Natural hot springs comes from the Seulawah volcano is one of the prime tourist attractions in the Ie Suum village, Mesjid Raya sub-district, Aceh Besar which is located at the foot of Mount Meuh or about 35 kilometers from Banda Aceh. Ie Suum name literally comes from the ‘Ie’ word means water and Suum means Hot. Tourism is a mainstay in Ie Suum indeed the presence of natural hot springs in addition to