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Friday Acehnese Language: Household Appliances Words

Have you visited Aceh province? Surely you will hear locals speaking in aceh. While visiting the home of the people of aceh the following term will often be heard. Now, here is the Acehnese vocabulary for you to put to those little wonders. I wrote an example conversation as at home on the bottom of the this article. Friday Acehnese Language: Household Appliances  Family Words English Acehnese Bathroom Kama manoe Bed Peuratah Chair Kurusi Closet Mari Comb Sugot Door Pintoe DrawString waist Taloe keuieng Floor Aleu Flowers Bungoeng Glass Glah8 Grass Naleung Hijab Jeuleubab Home Rumoh Hours Jeum Irons Gosok Kitchen Dapu Leun Halaman Mattress Kaso Mirror Ceureumen/kaca lhoh droe Pants Siluweu Perfume

Friday Acehnese Language: Acehnese Family Words

On this page the author tried to give a special place for every reader who want to know a little bit about the acehnese, who had been already begun replaced with national languages. Indeed, It is not wrong but it would be better when we are also capable of speaking acehnese and also speaks national language.  Acehnese Language Day: Acehnese Family Words Acehnese Language Day article will present every Friday. Hopefully it can help communities around the world in learning the language. No Acehnese English 1. Lōn I 2. Kah/ Dron You 3. Anёk Child 4. Adёk The Younger Brother 5. Kakak Sister 6. Mak Mother 7. Nenek Grand Mother 8. Ayawa / Cёk / Yah Bit Uncle 9. Mak Wa / Mak Cёk / Mak Bit Aunt Here is a simple conversation and vocabulary used in daily life in Aceh. A. Peu Haba? (How are