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Traditional Palm Leaves Roof Craftswoman In Aceh

Traditional Palm Leaves  Rumoh Aceh roof usually made of sago palm leaves tied with rattan which has been cut into small pieces. Then corroborated again with wood as lath used to support or press down roof tiles. Traditional Palm Leaves Roof Craftswoman In Aceh We might have rarely to see houses in urban areas, even in outer residential areas were still use the roof from sago palm leaves. Both models of that roof have changed functions by zinc plate and fiber roof. Besides resilience confined to cover a house, palm roof is also fragile damaged by the big wind storm. Sago palm leaves at the current time almost extinct. The fact remains there is some community which depends the manufacturer to earn some money from sago palm leaves traditionally roof. Especially the people who live in villages. Every single sheet the sago palm leaves roof usually in length about 1.5 meters to 1.8 meters. A month ago, I and Muhammad Mirza Fauzi visited central of sago palm leaves t

Developing Arafik Cake Cluster in Grong-grong Pidie, Aceh

Last week i have visited home industries located in Grong-grong, Pidie. One of the famous household industry comes from Gampong Bie is a bakpia cake. The cake itself has a special name in Pidie called arafik cake. Grong-grong already famous with Mie Caluk, but arafik is one of home industry that can be develop. Developing Arafik Cake Cluster in Grong-grong Pidie, Aceh Everyone who came to this village will see “lively” workers make a arafik cake. There were about 10-15 arafik cake home industries that you can found them along Grong-grong to Batee Street.  Arafik is a cake made from a mixture of Kidney beans, also known as red beans with sugar, wrapped in flour, than baked. First, of all, the dough has been made shaped and filled with stuffing of  red beans  in the middle of dough. Then, before combustion process, the top of the cake spread with yolk and sesame seeds. It’ll take 5-7 minutes to baked in oven. After that, we’ll able to taste it.  Based on my short i

Boh Manok Weng Lameu, Efficacious Drink from Aceh

Have you ever heard the Teh Susu Telur (TST) term? It’s very popular drink from Medan. But, i’ll tell you similar drink from Aceh but using different ingredients and how to served it well without bad smell. Boh Manok Weng Lameu, Efficacious Drink from Aceh In Aceh, it is not difficult to find the location of the seller mixed egg, milk, and coffee called “Boh Manok Weng”. If in Medan they use tea, but in Aceh you’ll find that drink mixed with coffee. In Lameu, Kecamatan Sakti, Kabupaten Pidie, Boh Manok Weng is very popular and become typical drink there. The most popular Boh Manok Weng café owned by Mr. Iskandar and Mrs. Azizah. They began to sell Boh Manok Weng since 2003 when Aceh in conflict time with Indonesia. At Ramadan month, they café reach 450 eggs to make that drinks. They began open from early morning to midnight. This location is crowded at night until midnight. Boh Manok Weng drink made with ingredients eggs, sweetened condensed milk and boiled co

Old Chinese Coffee Shop In Sigli: Ie Leubeu

I'm going to have to speed up posting on the backlog of posts on my trip to Sigli last week. Gosh, was it just a week ago? Old Chinese Coffee Shop In Sigli: Ie Leubeu The folks (Mirza, Alfath, Hasri, Hasfi, and Ogek) at Sigli did an excellent job of making sure that i enjoyed my trip. I was taken on a walking tour around Sigli, on a tour of Sigli offshore, and meals were carefully planned at restaurants that reflect the different cultures and cuisines of Aceh. Coffee Shop Ie Leubeu is one of the remaining old Chinese (Hainanese) coffee shops in Sigli. You can see the name of the coffee shop from a distance. It is corner shop. It is at the junction of Jalan Perdagangan. This shop has been there since the 90'. Ie Leubeu is one of village name in Kecamatan Simpang Tiga, Pidie. That name inspirated from the origin birth place of the coffee shop owner, Joni. Joni helped by 3 worker and his wife. His wife has unique talent that can make arabica coffee by her own.