Koskah, A Place For Acehnese Sketchers

"Drawing helps me stay in the present moment and in sketch i found the aesthetics of art " Luqyana Yusrizal said.
Koskah, A PlaFor Acehnese Sketchers
Luqyana is a member of sketch community, Koskah (Komunitas Sketsa Aceh) in Banda Aceh. Koskah is a community that was formed in 2010 as a forum for the sketches lovers. Initially, Koskah formed by a group of students of the Architecture Department  Syiah Kuala University by Amri Satria and Adia Mirza and the community named Komunitas Arsitektur (KSA).
Due to suggestions from lecturer and other shetcher from outside Architecture Department  Syiah Kuala University, the community name changed to Komunitas Sketsa Aceh (Koskah) in March, 2011.
According to Luqyana,  Koskah interested in getting together to go sketching, drawing or painting in and around Banda Aceh or Great Aceh. It just happen to like visiting parts of Banda Aceh or Great Besar and might like to do something artistic to capture the many aspects of our country.
Koskah foc…

A Unique Drawstring Pouch From Aceh, Baluem Cuet

If Native American Indians made pouches to carry mirrors, face body paints, “medicine” items, pipes, sewing equipment, Acehnese made pouches to carry tobacco, nipa palm leafs, and ranup at the past.
A Unique Drawstring Pouch From Aceh, Baluem Cuet But today, these “Sanger Ban Sigom Donya” drawstring pouch called Baluem Cuet are handy to have around. Made in a range of sizes and they are perfect for stowing small stuff. You can fill it with your smartphone, glasses, USB, harmonica, and earphone *essential items for me.
Drawstring pouch are another exciting product that Ija Kroeng've added to their growing suite of creative goodies. This unique carry-all is sure to fit many uses. The meaning of Sanger Ban Sigom Donya is Sanger All Around The World. Indirectly i have been promoting to taste Sanger coffee while i use these pouch. Explanation about sanger you can read here.
I have selected a few ways that you and your friends can utilize these high-quality Ija Kroeng’s pouch. For the artist…

Celebrating International Sanger Day With Traditional Concept

@iloveaceh community, held a peak of International Sanger Day in the courtyard of Pasar Atjeh, Saturday (31/10/2015 ) evening. Acehnese coffee lovers, at that night enjoyed free Sanger while entertained by a solo singer newcomers Tereza & Friends  and Amoba Band.
Celebrating International Sanger Day With Traditional Concept The initiator of the event, Aulia Fitri from the @iloveaceh Community, said the celebration was held to further popularize typical drink Acehnese coffee shop, which became the main menu all around Aceh.
Sanger coffee is made from a mixture of good black coffee from robusta or arabica beans and sweet condensed milk mixed sugar. If at first glance, sanger in general just like coffee cappucin milk or as a mixture. This type of beverage was born in the early 1990s. According to history, Sanger is an acronym of “sama-sama ngerti” or “both understand”. Sanger came from compromise between the coffee shop owner/barista and its customers. According to the story, Sanger was …

Saprahan, Eating Tradition In Sambas

It's been a long time ago, Indonesia is known as a nation with a rich tradition. Consists of five major islands with various tribes and religions who live in it becoming one of the reasons that accompanies it. There is a tradition of the wedding ceremony, seven monthly tradition, the tradition of eating together, and other traditions are held intact by the local community. One who has these particularities are Sambas District, West Kalimantan. District where my Work Field Experience (KKN) Kebangsaan located as a teacher.

Saprahan: Eating Tradition In Sambas, West Kalimantan Saprahan is tradition that be queath and this event is celebrated for giving thanks to Allah SWT. The meaning of Saprahan comes from word “sap” means in arrow. This event is usually done by Malaynese in West Kalimantan,like in Sambas, Mempawah, and Pontianak City in wedding party and celebrating something. People serve Saprahan by spreading out the white fabric on the floor and people use some trays as a place …

International Interstate Bus Terminal Sungai Ambawang

International Interstate Bus Terminal also called Terminal Antar Lintas Batas Negara (ALBN) located in Kecamatan Sungai Ambawang, Kabupaten Kubu Raya, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia in addition to serving bus interstate, Pontianak-Kuching airport bus also majors Sintang, Sanggau, Sekadau, Kapuas Hulu, Melawi, and Ketapang. Meanwhile, the bus terminal in Batulayang will be used for bus destination North Coast area.
International Interstate Bus Terminal Sungai Ambawang
The terminal has a terminal for transit town hall or village and the arrival and departure hall. There is also a building for buses Inter- City Inter-Province (AKAP), Inter-City in the Province (AKDP), along with the arrival and departure hall.
The terminal also has room for the shuttle, arrivals and departures for passengers. Passengers can also take advantage of Musala, clinics, workshops, toilets, water tower, fish ponds, and lockers. In addition there is also space for engine generators, sheds, space immigration, postal char…

Acehnese March To Save Elephants and Rhinos

On 4 October, over 2015 cities joined a global march to protect elephants and rhinos referred to as the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos (GMFER). This widely participated global march coincided with the World Animal Day.

Acehnese March To Save Elephants and Rhinos
In Banda Aceh, more than 100 people trekked a 3 kilometres route passing the downtown traffic and hooting cars in response to signs held by marchers that read “No Forest, No Future! Save Leuser Ecosystem, Aceh”.
This global initiative started in Kenya on January 2013 in response to eleven elephants killed and hacked off their tusks, the latest large slaughter of the animals to be reported amid insatiable global demand for ivory in Tsavo Conservancy Centre, in the southeastern part of Kenya, according to a CNN report.
The series of open campaign is intended to promote awareness of the importance of conservation, especially in rescue efforts Sumatran elephant and the Sumatran rhino from extinction. This activity is also expec…