Blangkejeren-Langsa Through Lokop

The journey from the city center of Blangkejeren to Langsa through Lokop only take over 7 hours drive. It was evident to break through the steep roads that cut through the mountains to get to Langsa. I tried to shoot some photos in this journey. 

Blangkejeren-Langsa Through Lokop

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The journey begins after carrying a camera and buy food and mineral water. We used double cabin car drove to break through the winding roads. I and my friends agreed to have lunch together in the Genting Pining sub-district of Gayo Lues while enjoying coffee.

The car continued until the vehicle speed reaches 60 km per hour. And winding uphill road is not a problem for us, as long as the land is solid. Our vehicles surely penetrate the field.

A few hours later, the group arrived at a dangerous climb before entering the Aih Putih Bridge, vehicles are forced one by one hill. An oncoming car head under pressure not to move a first gear to the right and left quickly to the summit even though the rear wheels get rid of gravel rocks.

The road condition of the provincial road towards Blangkejeren districts to Aceh Timur at the time is more severely damaged, in addition filled the gaping hole, part of the way the road looks collapsed, some even filled with mud and into a waterway that divides the road. Aceh Timur-Pinding- Blangkejeren length 46 km.

The condition of the damaged roads, besides disturbing even users often invite accidents. The road is often tricycles somersaults, due to the condition of the road is not paved and full of holes. You should check the bridge first, if you can not pass you must cross the path of the river of course.

The Journey continued with views of Aceh Leuser Antara (ALA) forest which half was planted with cocoa and nut. The delegation met with L300 rent car transporting from Blangkejeren to Langsa. 

Our car proceeded slowly not spared avoid holes asphalt road like buffalo wallow. There was few kilometres road asphalt, the rest of dusty, dusty asphalt again and again until the group arrived in a national road Medan to Banda Aceh.

A good road course will impact the support and drive the economy in Gayo Lues, as a means of transportation to the west coast and east coast of Aceh, has been open for throwing hand, as well as social and cultural relations will be more advanced.

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