[INFOGRAPHIC] Hojak in Indonesia, Banda Aceh City 🛵

Hojak in infographic

Hojak is a very good option in Banda Aceh

Transportation in Indonesia, mainly in central of Aceh like Banda Aceh City is for foreigners chaotic and confusing. But for the Indonesian, it is perfectly normal, people crossing the streets very slowly and without stress. The tourists use a car rent service in Aceh and other alternative transportation as well Hojak and more.

A lot of dishonest becak drivers work in Banda Aceh

A suitable alternative is Hojak, avoid dishonest becak drivers, and you everytime knows exactly what you pay for ride. Hojak began operate in Aceh in early-2017 and using of this service is gradually increasing. Currently (August 2017) Hojak operates in Banda Aceh Surely you’ve noticed, however, problems or a ban on this service such as Gojek in some Javanese. No bans were issued currently on Hojak in Indonesia.

Hojak offers 4 options of transport services in Aceh

Hojak offers 3 types of transport services in Aceh (Ho-Becak, Ho-bike, ho-car). The Prices for transport with Hojak in Aceh are almost one third versus Acehnese becak services. The availability of Hojak services in cities you can check on the website of Hojak.

For transportation you can use also Ho-bike (motorbike/scooter).

Yes, motorbike / scooter is another option of transport with Hojak in Aceh. Sometimes, the transportation with a motorbike may be faster, it is also very cheap (about Rp.5000/2 km), the streets are sometime full and congested in Banda Aceh City.
example of order

To use this service you need to have a mobile application on your phone.

Install Hojak mobile applicaton for Android or iPhone, enter information about your name, email and mobile phone number and you can ride. Using of this application is very simple. In the application, you’ll see a price of estimate drive, options for transportation (Ho-Becak, Ho-bike, ho-car), drive time, all information intuitively navigate you.

Pin on the map you specify pickup location and confirm your booking of the service. After completing your ride you will receive a bill for a ride in your email.

For more information about the using the service see the Facebook official help page, where you’ll find all the answers.

1. Register here for free

2. Install Hojak mobile application

3. Book a ride

Good luck when traveling with Hojak!


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