Zulfan Helmi (van) is an Indonesian travel blogger, freelance writer, and photographer based in Aceh.

I already traveled to six countries including his own country, i.e.: Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. He is a self-manage traveler, and experience in solo traveling as well (maybe).

As a blogger, i launched and managing travelenses.com since February 22′ 2015. travelenses.com remains a place to tell stories. The site has morphed into a place where people can know a new place in Aceh, how Acehnese food shapes what I see and experience, and how it deepens knowledge about culture. 

Using long-form narrative and photo essays, I have shared my adventures and misadventures and the stories include but not limited to the review of accommodations, culinary, also fun and challenging activities.

Please enjoy them, in these main categories: Travelon and Reviews

Here're his key gadgets:


A camera is the most important gadget for a travel blogger. I prefer using Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) D5100 cameras because they are easier to operate and deliver great results. I decided to use this one for my travel blogging. I even bought various lenses to complement and to enhance the camera. I do not like changing cameras often but I do like having new smartphones from time to time.


I also use a smartphone for mobile blogging and sharing my travel experiences on the go. I put important notes on my phone like the name of locations, new contacts and other tings related to my travel.


I installed Skyscanner on my smartphone. This app helps me a lot in getting the best airline fares. I also installed Wego and Agoda to help me finding cheap affordable accommodations and Flight Radar to check the whereabouts of planes should there be a delay.

Thanks for your visit. Any comment and feedback will be appreciated.

Disclaimer: All the images within this blog are the intellectual property of the author of Travelenses. I try to credit all the images taken from other sources and do not claim their ownership.


  1. Blognya baru tapi udah sekece ini *kasihjempol
    Makasih udah mampir ke blogku mas. Yeay di Aceh ya? bakalan nambah lagi satu temen yang bisa aku temui kalo ke Aceh. Ajakin motret Aceh yaaa nanti :)

    Jika berkesempatan ke Palembang pun jangan lupa kasih kabar :)


    1. makasi apresiasinya omnduut
      iya di Aceh ini. boleh2 kali ni kita jalan2 bareng sekalian sharing
      oke om ndut nanti kalau ke palembang lagi dikabari


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