3 Ways to Promote Ija Kroeng

Ija Kroeng
3 Ways to Promote Ija Kroeng - Sarong or in Acehnese called “IjaKroeng” are worn all around Aceh and Indonesia by males, females, adults, and children. 

3 Ways to Promote Ija Kroeng

Ija Kroeng used to be one of the primary items of clothing for Aceh knew since the time of the kingdom of Aceh Darussalam in the 17th century. Now Ija Kroeng is mostly known as house clothes, blankets for the elderly like in Central Aceh or something used by Muslim in daily prayers. 
Ija Kroeng
In the drive for modernization, Ija Kroeng has lost their charm among teenagers in Aceh. A teenagers who were Ija Kroeng often associated with low-class people or those living in villages and these have long been an inseparable part of Indonesian cultural life. 

We should bring the Ija Kroeng back and how to take it  stylish for teenagers and wearable yet simple contemporary outfit, not just something ethnic.

Here are three ways to promote Ija Kroeng based my opinion: 

1. Appreciation

We should not despise Ija Kroeng or give negative comments to people who wear Ija Kroeng. Give positive comments to those who dare to use it on public as daily clothing. As we know that, at the past Acehnese always use a Ija Kroeng in all activities. By using a Ija Kroeng then they have promoted a culture of Aceh and Indonesia in general.

2. #HamehIjaKroeng

We can do promotion through social media. Using the #HamehIjaKroeng hashtag make teenagers who active in social media will suggest to use it on Thursday. In the pronunciation, “hameh” similar to “kame”, which means “bring it”. It could be a government program to require (obligation) employees in Aceh to wear Ija Kroeng on Thursday.

3. The Acehnese Sanger Ceremony

In Aceh, there is no Sanger ceremony, but Japanese has tea ceremony is called Chanoyu, Sado or simply Ocha. Drinking sanger with some timphan cake and, of course, wearing a Ija Kroeng will be an interesting choreographic ritual. Wearing Ija Kroeng inside a coffee shop has also undeniably become a tourist attraction.
Ija Kroeng
Ija Kroeng (source: safariku.com)
A local industry Ija Kroeng in Aceh launched sarong collections, marking new trends in sarong. Detailed explanations about Ija Kroeng followed by this link. Expanding and exploring the fabric and adding modern touches and brighter hues, that made Acehnese the one and only sarong brand Ija Kroeng became a must-have fashion item by teenagers.

Ija Kroeng varied in prices depending on their quality and how they were made. Simply put, the higher the quality and the more time spent making the sarong, the higher the cost of purchase.

Enjoy Ija Kroeng’s selection of to suit your needs. Ija Kroeng are always growing so keep an eye out for Ija Kroeng from various regions of Aceh and Indonesia.
@zlvn - IjaKroeng are versatile and fun. Ija Kroeng and pareos for everyone!
Thanks for visiting 3 Ways to Promote Ija Kroeng article. This article wrote to celebrate #SithonIJaKrong, the first anniversary of Ija Kroeng sarong products manufactured in Banda Aceh. I hope things will get interesting going forward…


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