5 Sense Touch, Ie Seum Hot Spring

5 Sense Touch, Ie Suum Hot Spring
Do you want to enjoy the thrill of a hot bath with stunning nature a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains? Ie Suum is the right place. 

5 Sense Touch, Ie Suum Hot Spring 

You can head to one of the hot springs to unwind and relax your muscles after a long day of trekking and exploring. The natural hot springs are particularly pleasant in the cool mountain air. Locals bathe regularly to heal or relieve many ailments such as high blood pressure, anaemia, arthritis and rheumatism. Ie Suum has its own charm as well as nature thermal baths area for tourism.

Natural hot springs comes from the Seulawah volcano is one of the prime tourist attractions in the Ie Suum village, Mesjid Raya sub-district, Aceh Besar which is located at the foot of Mount Meuh or about 35 kilometers from Banda Aceh.

Ie Suum name literally comes from the ‘Ie’ word means water and Suum means Hot. Tourism is a mainstay in Ie Suum indeed the presence of natural hot springs in addition to good muscle relaxation and also believed to have a sulfur content that is efficacious to cure skin diseases.

After tsunami in 2004, many of the improvements made in the location of a natural hot spring baths. There are three outdoor permanent pools specially for children, and two pools for men and women and pray room (mushalla). But for those of you who can’t swim should be careful while bathing in an adult pool, because the depth reached 1.7 meters. You must pay the ticket only Rp. 5000/person for no limit time usage.
5 Sense Touch, Ie Suum Hot Spring
Swimming pool for kids
Local people are mostly farmers, could earn additional income by selling at the Ie Suum hot springs venue. Each holiday, especially Saturday and Sunday, hundreds of local tourists from the area of Aceh Besar and Banda Aceh gathered at the area.
5 Sense Touch, Ie Suum Hot Spring
Swimming pool for women


You can use the private car or car travel to get there. Road conditions were already good but start from the intersection of Krueng Raya until Ie Suum, you will pass through the meandering roads. This trip will not be wasted because you are pampered with beautiful nature. You will be made to want to come back here.


Many mini store that sell food in the Ie Suum area. However, you can go to the shops to Krueng Raya to find dishes that are more diverse. 


If you use your own towel, you'll be well advised to rinse it out soon after use as the mineral content and, frequently, acidity of spring water can be damaging to the towel.
Jika menggunakan handuk sendiri, langsung cuci handuk Anda setelah digunakan karena kandungan mineral dan asam dari air panas alam bisa merusak serat handuk.

Spring water can be damaging to a camera if a non-waterproof camera is immersed or if water is allowed to dry on the lens as mineral deposits are extremely difficult to remove.
Air panas alam bisa merusak kamera bila terendam air dan jika dibiarkan mengering di lensa, kandungan mineralnya akan sulit dibersihkan.

If you're going to a wild hot spring, leave the soap at home. It isn't needed (since there’s flowing, non-recycling water) and simply acts as a pollutant. 
Tak perlu membawa sabun mandi ke sumber air panas karena justru akan menjadi polusi pada sumber air panas tersebut.

A pair of flip-flops is handy for both commercial springs and in the wilds, owing to slick surfaces and uneven footing.
Gunakan sandal untuk ke pemandian air panas dan di alam bebas, karena permukaan tanah yang licin dan tak rata.

Know the maximum temperature of the hot spring. Temperatures as high as 70°C are common in hot springs. Be conservative unless you know the spring well.
Cek suhu air panas sebelum Anda berendam. Suhunya kadang bisa mencapai 70°C. Berhati-hatilah kecuali Anda sudah mengenal baik sumber air panas tersebut.

Many wild springs are gathering places for wildlife. Ktiow what kind of animals might frequent the area, and be prepared for wildlife encounters.
Kebanyakan sumber air panas adalah tempat berkumpul binatang. Ada baiknya mengetahui hewan apa yang sering muncul agar tidak kaget jika bertemu salah satunya

Be sure to grab a spot with views across the Mount Meuh valley for ultimate nature immersion and relaxation.
5 Sense Touch, Ie Suum Hot Spring

5 Sense Touch, Ie Suum Hot Spring

5 Sense Touch, Ie Suum Hot Spring

5 Sense Touch, Ie Suum Hot Spring

Ie Seum

Ie Seum

Ie Seum

Ie Seum

Ie Seum

Ie Seum
Don't be a litterbug, help keep our hot spring clean
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