Pukat Thok, A Mashed Avocado Drink from Sigli

Hi friends! Do you love avocado? I love avocado – we’re avocado over avocado! And today, I’m sharing perhaps the unique way to serve up some traditional drink from Aceh, in a cold Pokat Thok. Anyhow, this drink is maybe the most amazing drink I have ever had. Every sip I took I was yelling to my friend “this is so good!” So of course you’re going to want to try it. Pokat Thok is traditional Aceh’s drink that is quite rare in the capital city. But, the way to make a traditional drink Aceh is quite unique. Pokat thok seller, Imam cut an avocado hanging from his stall. Mostly, start with the perfect avocado.  For the most intense avocado flavor, he recommends a avocado at room temperature that is maroon or maroon with brown spots. Then he peeled the avocado and put in a glass. He picks up the avocado and hold it in both hands, with the cut you made in the middle. Twist the two halves in opposite directions, and they'll pop apart with the pit staying lodged in one o

[INFOGRAPHIC] Hojak in Indonesia, Banda Aceh City 🛵

Hojak in infographic Hojak is a very good option in Banda Aceh Transportation in Indonesia , mainly in central of Aceh like Banda Aceh City is for foreigners chaotic and confusing. But for the Indonesian, it is perfectly normal, people crossing the streets very slowly and without stress. The tourists use a car rent service in Aceh and other alternative transportation as well Hojak and more.

The Best Mie Kocok in Blangpidie, South West Aceh #TheLightofAceh (4)

If you like family-style breakfast in a place where the food tastes good, the staff are friendly and you don’t have to worry about waiting too long with the Beukah river side view, then Mi Kocok Zidan is the place for you.  Mie Kocok Putih might send some of us into teenaged sniggers, but ‘mie kocok’ in Indonesian means “shaken noodles”, a specialty from Blangpidie, South West Aceh. It is an all-in-one beef noodle soup: chewy ropes of fresh, handmade noodles shaken about in hot water until cooked then plunged into a deep bowl of clear, sweet beef broth. You’ll find it at Mie Kocok Blangpidie in near Beaukah river – it’s such a signature dish here they named their restaurant after it. The soup comes with your choice of fixings, but you may as well get the lot and order the mie kocok campur, or combination, littered with springy beef and ribbons of beef tripe. Crunchy bean sprouts, deep-fried shallots, and chopped green onions add zing but it’s the giant beef ball that’s

Aceh Surfing Festival 2016

Experience Aceh’s prime surf competition on Beach of Lampuuk. Surfers exclaim with freestyle moves. There is no limit to the expression on the waves. They are judged based on skill sets, creative individuality & style while surfing on Kuala Cut Lampuuk. Aceh Surfing Festival 2016 is all set to ignite the swell and sands with surfing, community gathering, flashmob, windsurfing, traditional food of Aceh, music, and art from 10th to 11th December, bringing together not only surfers from across the country and abroad but also artists, Acehnese musicians. This year ASF will leave no stones unturned to offer a variety of learning sessions and workshops to all its camping, residents and visitors. More than being a surf community celebration, ISF is a melting pot of ideas and creativity utilizing Art, Music and Ocean Adventure attempting to promote and encourage the use of self-sustainable and eco-friendly ways of living with the mother nature-culture.  It’s a congreg

[INFOGRAPHIC] 3 Steps To Vote Indonesian In World Halal Tourism Award

[INFOGRAPHIC] 3 Steps To Vote Indonesian In World Halal Tourism Award - Nominations are now open for the World Halal Tourism Awards. You know what that means how to vote Indonesia… [INFOGRAPHIC] 3 Steps To Vote Indonesian In World Halal Tourism Award Categories were open on the 11th of September. 2016 marks the 2nd edition of the awards after the inaugural awards ceremony last year. The categories are dispersed across sixteen different areas such as World’s Best Halal Cultural Destination & World’s Best Hajj & Umrah Hotel. This awards ceremony is important in helping recognize and raise awareness of best practice in the Halal travel sector and excellent services delivered by tour operators, companies, businesses, and organizations.  As Muslim spending power increases, younger people, in particular, are looking for Halal options within the travel and tourism sector. Halal tourism is also becoming more favorable for non-Muslim travelers also who are looking for

Liang Beach, Most Beautiful Place in Ambon

Liang Beach, Most Beautiful Place in Ambon -  Liang Beach in central Maluku has been crowned as the most beautiful place in Ambon, Indonesia by the United Nation Development Program (UNDP) in 1990. This was due to their captivating underwater scenery. Liang Beach, Most Beautiful Place in Ambon Liang is the popular name for the beautiful beach which is located in Liang village. It also has another name, Hunimua Beach. The white carpet of sands stretches along one-kilometer long and 300-meter wide beach. There are certain months when the beach is calm and only a little wind breezing, which is between September to November and April to May. During other times, the beach is turbid because of the high waves. Hunimua is 40 kilometers away from the Pattimura International Airport and there are many options to reach the spot. Besides taxis, Trans Amboina  buses are available at Rp10,000  and motorbike ride Rp. 40,000 for each passenger. But if you go out with friends, it

[INFOGRAPHIC] 3 Ways Dealing With Aceh Halal Destination

Throughout the years, this far-flung corner of the Indonesian archipelago has snatched features for all the wrong reasons. Seismic tremors, waves, common war and sharia law are the fundamental affiliations individuals have with Sumatra's northernmost state.  [INFOGRAPHIC] 3 Ways Dealing With Aceh Halal Destination With the recreation from the 2004 Boxing Day tidal wave since quite a while ago finished, post-tidal wave Aceh is gradually recuperating the social injuries caused by the common debacle and the past common war.  Still, while the weapons have been set down and a level of self-governance has been conceded to the area, there are periodic blips making progress toward peace, for example, the April 2015 murder of two Indonesian officers, the administration risk to send the armed force in fresh, and the overall confidence in whatever is left of Sumatra that the general population of Aceh is quick to spread their preservationist Islamic routes over the entire nation