[INFOGRAPHIC] 3 Ways Dealing With Aceh Halal Destination

Aceh Halal Destination

Throughout the years, this far-flung corner of the Indonesian archipelago has snatched features for all the wrong reasons. Seismic tremors, waves, common war and sharia law are the fundamental affiliations individuals have with Sumatra's northernmost state. 

[INFOGRAPHIC] 3 Ways Dealing With Aceh Halal Destination

With the recreation from the 2004 Boxing Day tidal wave since quite a while ago finished, post-tidal wave Aceh is gradually recuperating the social injuries caused by the common debacle and the past common war. 

Still, while the weapons have been set down and a level of self-governance has been conceded to the area, there are periodic blips making progress toward peace, for example, the April 2015 murder of two Indonesian officers, the administration risk to send the armed force in fresh, and the overall confidence in whatever is left of Sumatra that the general population of Aceh is quick to spread their preservationist Islamic routes over the entire nation. 

Determined by the area's notoriety, some gutsy voyagers to the district are uncovering natural life rich wilderness, dim mountain tops and unlimited swathes of discharge shoreline, also the rainbow of immaculate coral underneath the ocean. Unmistakable stays of the 2004 wave can even now be seen.

Now, Aceh with the new branding tagline as The Light Of Aceh trying to lure a tourist. Aceh has been officially listed as halal tourist destinations by the Tourism Ministry in a bid to increase the number of Muslim travelers from Asian and Middle Eastern countries. 

Aceh will be “Muslim-friendly” area. This includes Muslim-friendly airports, hotels and destinations where Muslim travelers can easily find places to worship. Increasing halal certifications for restaurants and food products is a must.

Credit to: Anang Kurniawan

Here are 3 ways dealing with Aceh Halal Destination:

Aceh Halal Destination
Aceh Halal Destination
Aceh Halal Destination


  1. Banyak yaaa hotel di aceh, meskipun blm ada bintang 5 nya hehehe

    1. iya nih om cum belum ada yg bintang 5
      tapi cottage ala2 di pulau banyak penuh selalu hahahaha


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