Kuta, My Home Away From Home

Kuta, My Home Away From Home
Beautiful atmosphere and amazing silhouettes!
Kuta, My Home Away From Home - Located about 15 mins from Ngurah Rai International Airport, on Bali’s west coast. Kuta arguably Bali’s most known destination. It definitely attracts the tourists because Kuta is party central and popular with backpackers.

Kuta, My Home Away From Home

Last year we went to Bali. We decided to choose travel operator for a tailor made a holiday to Bali and three days riding on a scooter to get in touch as much as possible with the local reality. Renting a motorcycle makes it possible to explore Bali and Lombok in the best way, even if one must be very careful because the rules of the road are not always respected by all. Traffic can be congested.

Getting Around

Kuta area is full of markets and the local shops are quite pushy. Everyone you walk past tries to sell you something whether you look interested or not. So be prepared! It can get full on, but it’s something I personally needed to experience as we wanted to see all of the Bali. There are lots of dining, accommodation and activity options. I think you have to experience it, just to get the whole activity picture of Bali.
There are heaps of market stalls and tourist shops around Kuta, largely selling the same things so you are in a good position to barter for the best prices. The markets may be hectic but they can be fun too, and everything is very cheap. Anything from DVDs to clothes to accessories sunglasses, from the traditional to the more westernized. Bargaining is half the fun.

There are also many restaurants, from local cuisine, to western and lots in between. For a family’s, Waterbom Park is a good day out. At night, Kuta isn’t short of a place to have a drink, with many night clubs and bars. And in Bali, no matter where you are, you're never too far away from a massage. And you might need one after a day here. Mostly hotel in Kuta has the spa services facility.


The spa that I most remember is to Jamu Spa Kuta Bali, a real traditional spa where you can lose yourself in the skilled hands of masseurs (men for men and women for women). The first body is massaged with force, and then you are immersed in a bath with rose petals while sipping a drink.

Spiritual Soul

For me, Kuta can be described by the soul spiritual rituals. In the morning, wherever you are, it is easy to find a woman or a man (depends on the role they play in religious society) that brings offerings to the gods: in the sea, the beach, in a hotel, in a temple, at the bar or in your house.
Everywhere you wake up with the smell of incense and flowers, each offer is in fact prepared with these two elements on a banana leaf with rice and other food. They work night and day to prepare them and they can come in large or small versions.

What’s Nearby?

Walking to Legian and Seminyak might take and hour or more. Jimbaran is 30 mins south and Uluwatu is 45 mins south depending on traffic. Ubud is about 1.5 hours away.

Regarding Bali’s beaches

There are those kilometers of Kuta and Seminyak now rated to mass tourism and those of Bukit Peninsula (still wild) reached after miles of dirt road.
@zlvn - Kuta, Bali is beautiful and worth-visiting!
So that’s my lowdown on Kuta, Bali. We only stayed for 2 nights/3 days but as a base for seeing more of the area it worked really well. Have you been?

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My Friend's Photos: Yoan Lavie-Badie, Deputu, Mark Araujo


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