Banyak Island Hopping Trip and How To Make The Best of Them #TheLightofAceh (3)

Banyak Island Hopping
Group of young tourist down of boat for tour Rangit Kecil island, Aceh Singkil
Island hopping is probably at the top of every Banyak visitor’s to-do list. This coastal district boasts more than 63 islands and beautiful island formations out at sea, which makes for a thrilling boat ride.

You’ll take in breathtaking colors and scenery before even reaching the white sand beaches and turquoise water!

Banyak Island Hopping Trip and How To Make The Best of Them

The Acehnese traditional boat is used to visit islands close to shore.

But you know all that already, right? What you want to know is, what’s the best way to visit the Banyak islands? Which Banyak islands are the best / which ones should I visit if I have only 1 or 2 days? How do I avoid the crowds?

The Itineraries

There are two groups of islands accessible from the mainland coast in Banyak, Balai Island that i visited: West: Tailana, Sikadang, Asok, Lambudung and South: Rangit Kecil, Palambak, Malelo, Panjang.

Each group can be covered in a one-day tour either with a private boat or as part of an organized tour. Tours combining 2 island groups aren’t available but, due to the distances involved, do cost more and see less of each place.

The tour itself was from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, though depending on where your accommodation was located, it’s likely you’re going to be picked up around 8:00 am.


Island Stop 1: Tailana Island

Banyak Island Hopping
Tailana paradise view
After a 2 hours traditional boat ride, we made it to our first stop at Tailana Beach.  This beach is located just a bit further west from the main island, Balai.

We spent a couple hours to explore the beach where there was coconut collector’s shack hiding in the palm thicket surrounding us, but there were also very basic but nevertheless nice bungalows with direct view on the sea. Very nice!

If you walk further down, you’ll pass by Nirvana Diving that serve kayaking, snorkeling, and diving package. At that time we prefer to sightseeing. The most interesting part of this island is the slow wave. So I can take a picture that seems like paradise.

Even though the journey to Tailana is very challenging, it's definitely worth to go there.

Island Stop 2: Sikandang Island 

Banyak Island Hopping
 Sikandang island has unlimited sea, beach, coral and sun
Next, up, we set sail towards Sikandang Island. It took 30 minutes to stand on this beach. This large island, with its pristine beaches, takes one of the hours to walk around. 

At the first sight, you’ll see a sign “Welcome The Coral Sikandang". Absolutely a great Coral Garden inside blue water. Snorkeling possible but there’s a steep dropoff near the shore of the main beach.

You can play a beach volley. But, you should apply your sunblock lotion because the really hot on this beach.

Island Stop 3: Asok Island 

Banyak Island Hopping
 Asok island where you gonna relax the whole day
Lunch time, my favorite time of the day. However, the island we stopped at was an ideal spot to eat. A crescent-shaped, uninhabited island with pristine beaches on either side as well as excellent snorkeling too.

Asok Island isn’t far too small to have every single traditional boat is doing the Island hopping in Banyak come and have lunch at. The superb scene during lunch on the island.

Everyone can find a spot to sit and eat without putting their blanket down right beside another person. Realy-really your own island exactly ideal or enjoyable.

After a lunch, life jackets that you rent before it's fine to take them onto the beach to make the snorkeling even more relaxing, just lie face down and float while all these fish swim around you. How much you will see really depends on the day, the tides and the weather.

The special one of this island is there is a fresh water well that can be used to clean up your body after a snorkeling.

Island Stop 4: Lambudung Island

Banyak Island Hopping
Lambudung island is one of the new stunningly beautiful islands on island hopping
This island smaller than Asok island. The island is suitable as a destination for snorkeling, kayaking, as do foreign tourists when we stopped here. This was our final stop for the day and, thankfully, they saved the best for last. As the beach is much wider on this island, it didn’t feel as a busy day like working in town.
At that time, we met an Australian family that doing sunbathing and swimming on this island. “Soft sand and clean beach to swim” said the younger brother. 


Island Stop 5: Rangit Kecil Island

Banyak Island Hopping
Superb view from the top of lighthouse
The water at the Islands just has to be seen to be believed, on a sunny day, there is a bright turquoise ring of water around the Islands, which suddenly changes to a really deep ocean blue as the seafloor drops away to deeper water.
"I felt cool when i drops away to deeper water (the dark blue on the pict)" said Makmur.
Once up the 50 stairs, you finally arrive at the top of the tower. The large towerlights caught everyone attention be the first sight.

From the top of the tower, Rangit Besar island clearly was seen. Some of the ships that crossed the sea are also seen.

Island Stop 6: Palambak Island

Banyak Island Hopping
Fachrizan (my friend) welcome you on "modern" cottage island
Rather out of the way, this medium-sized island is covered in coconut trees, has a couple of jungle paths you can walk and a gorgeous stretch of beach.

Pulau Palambak Besar is the fourth biggest island in Pulau Banyak. We took a few hours to walk around it. It has white sand beaches almost all around it. Palambak Besar is known for its perfect beaches.

There is Lyla’s Bungalow, the one and only resort which is the most modern resort among others in Pulau Banyak. It called. There are a fair number of birds on Palambak. So you can enjoy seeing some bird close to you.

Island Stop 7: Malelo Island

Banyak Island Hopping
A great place to to shoot advertisement video maybe, Malelo island
Malelo is charred islands, white sandy land protruding into the sea. Before the tsunami, Malelo is a couple island. Only small malelo left.

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Some bird also fly around this island. I catch some Seagull Stanon Wood Piling on Malelo island.

Island Stop 8: Panjang Island

Banyak Island Hopping
Free sleep on beach like in Koh Phangan? Nop, this is Panjang Island, Singkil. Khairul and Makmur doing their hibernate
Rather out of the way, this long-sized island. Panjang Island was a really relaxed spot to lay down our beach towels and either soak up some last minute sun before we went back to Balai Island or take a short nap under the shade of the swaying coconut trees.

After a long and busy day, we were eager to head back to Balai. I’ve found while traveling and having been on many island hopping tours, that a large part of your enjoyment of the day is dependent on the other people in your boat.

Based on that, if you have enough people, I highly recommend getting a private traditional boat to take you on the 8 favorite Island Tour.
They were charging for one boat Rp. 800.000,- (Rupiah), but you can easily negotiate the price to around Rp. 600.000,- or less depending on how many people are going on the tour.


  1. The Islands do get quite busy, particularly on Indonesia Holidays and peak season (December to January) but there is normally plenty of beach space to go around. If you just walk away from the dropoff spot, you will quite likely be able to find a piece of completely quiet unoccupied beach.
  2. Please remember to keep this place as beautiful, you should take any wrappers or rubbish away with you or use the bins provided.
  3. Wear sunglasses, and apply sunblock and lip balm if you want island hopping.

The Banyak boat trips are impossible to beat. No holiday in Banyak would be complete without a spot of Island hopping.

Each time you visit, you will fall more and more in love with this place. This is what makes touring the Islands of Banyak such a pleasure every time you do it.
@zlvn - Take a boat trip to paradise, Snorkel, swim and just soak up the sun and the unbeatable beauty!
Thanks for visiting Banyak Island Hopping Trip and How To Make The Best of Them article. I hope things will get interesting going forward. 

This trip sponsored by Department of Culture and Tourism of the Province of Aceh. Realising Aceh as One Syariah Featured Travel Destinations in Southeast Asia in 2017 #TheLightofAceh #HalalTourism

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