Kawa Daun, The Joy of Coffee Leaves Blend With Tea Taste

Kawa Daun
Kawa daun
Coffee generally derived from the coffee beans and processed into coffee powder. Actually, this coffee comes from the leaves of coffee. How come? 

Kawa Daun, The Joy of Coffee Leaves Blend With Tea Taste 

This coffee named Kawa Daun Kawa, derived from the Arabic qahwah, which means coffee. Kawa daun made from steeped coffee leaves.

Kawa daun boiled until lightly browned then added by milk or sugar. 

This minang drinks sold at a relatively affordable price that is between Rp5.000,- up to Rp10.000,-.

Uniquely, this coffee is served in a coconut shell. The drink presented in a unique way that uses coconut shells as a substitute for glass. If a visit to Payakumbuh or Tanah Datar, you can feel the sensation to enjoy this coffee. 
Kawa Daun
Kawa daun with fried banana
Coffee flavor is very similar, such as tea, coffee with a distinctive aroma. Kawa daun feels good when bika cake, lemang and fried banana beside you. 
“The taste like a tea” said Jo.
Based on the story, this drink has been popular around the mid-nineteen century. When the Dutch applies the forced cultivation of coffee in West Sumatra. The coffee beans that grown by the people, should be submitted to the Dutch, to be sent to Europe.
Kawa Daun

People who miss the taste of coffee, then brew the leaves, like brewing tea leaves. Therefore, as an alternative society cultivate coffee leaf so that they can keep enjoying coffee from their land.
“It’s my pleasure to drink a coffee with a colonial era sensation”  said Ogek.
Kawa Daun

Well, in the Payakumbuh or Tanah Datar, West Sumatra, you can try to blend flavors of tea at Kawa Daun. This coffee is unique because in its processing does not use coffee beans, but the coffee leaves.

Coffee leaves that have been picked, smoked out to dry. 
Kawa Daun

After that, by using a bamboo tube inserted coffee leaves with hot water. Staying given sugar, then kawa daun ready to serve.

Here is the process of making kawa daun:

  1. A coffee leaf that has been plucked, smoked dry. 
  2. A coffee leaf that has been dried and then boiled. Proportion: a quarter of a kilogram of  dried coffee leaves, boiled with eight liters of water.
  3. After boiling, let stand for 15 minutes. 
  4. Remove and serve kawa daun, with sugar or palm sugar to taste. 
Note: A quarter kilogram dried coffee leaves can produce 50 shell drink kawa daun. 

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