Wild Swimming In Mountala River (Krueng Mountala)

River rapid shot taken with slow shutter speed
Wild Swimming In Mountala River (Krueng Mountala)Wild swimming in rivers is increasing in popularity across Aceh, as people discover (or, perhaps, rediscover) the pleasure of swimming in freshwaters: unaffected by chlorinated water, stark lights and tightly regimented lanes.

Wild Swimming In Mountala River (Krueng Mountala)

On February, 11 2015 we rode motorbike for one hour and 15 minutes trekking, ending up at The Mountala River (Krueng Mountala), 65,2 km from Banda Aceh. The weather was perfect-cool and overcast for the trek in the morning and hot sunny in the afternoon. The water was ice-cold and refreshing and it was so much fun splashing around with the friends.

How to get to the The Mountala River (Krueng Mountala) Path
Here is a map of the Krueng Mountala Path
It is one of the nicer Jantho motorbike paths, winding and skipping from one side of the Batalyon Kavaleri 11/Serbu TNI, all the way to the Mountala. The motorbike path takes you past paddy field and Jantho's forest. 

It is pretty clear driving in that if isolation and peaceful quiet space if what you need, this is your place. On asking some advices, one this is very correct: do not come here without a car and be sure to stop at the grocery for some snack and food for lunch first. You will need them!

While a roadside assistance service there are circumstances in which it might not be enough. Whether you find yourself in a time crunch with a flat tire, or in a rural location far from a service professional, you need to be prepared to deal with a flat tire on your own. So check your tire on good condition.

The Mountala River (Krueng Mountalatook place at "Protected Forest Area". You have to take permission from the PDAM's worker at new PDAM (Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum, or the Regional Drinking Water Service) housing estates near a few horse paddocks who stand by 24 hours to reach the river .

You can start on the The Mountala River (Krueng Mountala) trail anywhere along the way. The trail is easy to follow,  just follow the river or walking on big water PDAM’s pipe and you really cannot get lost.
Just follow the water pipe!
Swimming in creeks or rivers is fun, but there are hidden dangers, which can cause serious injuries. Be careful. It is not the same as swimming in a pool.
  • Check the current before entering the water.
  • Seek local advice before you swim, creeks, lakes, rivers and dams can hide dangers such as submerged logs and rocks and unexpectedly strong currents, especially after rain.
  • Stay away from submerged logs and rocks to avoid slipping.
  • Despite all the point above, the steady stream of mosquito bites, scrapes, lost items and other little incidents that needed tending too.
The creek is prone to flooding after heavy rains and turns into a fast flowing river. As The Mountala River (Krueng Mountala) path follows the creek closely under the road crossings, it becomes impassable at various sections and under crossing a few times a year. Make sure to follow the signs and the detours at those times.

PDAM Tirta Mountala, Jantho Branch intakes raw water directly from The Mountala River (Krueng Mountala) and IPA Krueng Buga and servicing Jantho and Seulimeum, Kuta Cot Glie, and Indrapuri sub-districts for uses of water in urban areas include, among others, drinking water (residential), industrial usage, and business usage (trading/shops). The river that we have visited is clean water source for many people. So, keep the river clean!

Clean, healthy freshwater ecosystems are crucially important in maintaining human and wildlife populations.  The presence of high freshwater biodiversity levels (i.e. the range of plant and animal life in our rivers) is not only an indicator of a healthy ecosystem, but intrinsically important in maintaining this state – for the benefit of everyone.

Enjoy our photo gallery of the The Mountala River (Krueng Mountala) Trail.
Crossing the upper windy river
Woman sitting on a rock by the river
Angga swims in the cool, milky water of the Krueng Mountala.
The nice side of  Krueng Mountala
A swimmer jumps into the Krueng Mountala
These stills really don't do justice for it. It is really, really nice river 
A small waterfall along Krueng Montala trail
Krueng Montala have a breathtaking big rock meditation and yoga space that has an amazing view on the river and its jungle
Around every bend is another great shot
Nice views of Krueng Mountala dike
The pipe gets quite slippery when wet
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