Enchanted the Beauty of Pulau Rusa

Pulau Rusa Aceh, Indonesia 
Nikon D5100

How would you describe your journeys to Pulau Rusa? What were your favourite things about being there?

Enchanted the Beauty of Pulau Rusa

I would describe my travels to Pulau Rusa (located at the westernmost tip of Aceh Province) that intriguing and rewarding because of the very limited information about Pulau Rusa as a travel destination. It is off the radar, so it appeals to me all the greater (at least for explorers like me). 

The island is named by the current owners of the Pulau Rusa whom visited there, he found a stag which could give a birth. The strange news quickly spread throughout the District of Lhong and Aceh Besar. So that, people call Pulau Rusa.

The only things I was aware of when I set off to the islands was the grueling air, land and sea travel time to get there, the mental image of the islands surrounded by turquoise waters and white beaches on Google Earth, malaria mosquitoes, and a sharp coral. No electricity, no television just the incredible view of full moon hanging low in the night summer sky, nearly adjacent with the Indian Ocean.

Pulau Rusa on the other hand, despite going there in solitude, was warm and welcoming. What I like most about the island were the paintings in the sky every time the sunsets and rises - the beaches is another.

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    1. Semoga komen abg blogger nasional nyo jeut penyemangat. Hehehe


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