Old Chinese Coffee Shop In Sigli: Ie Leubeu

I'm going to have to speed up posting on the backlog of posts on my trip to Sigli last week. Gosh, was it just a week ago?

Old Chinese Coffee Shop In Sigli: Ie Leubeu

The folks (Mirza, Alfath, Hasri, Hasfi, and Ogek) at Sigli did an excellent job of making sure that i enjoyed my trip. I was taken on a walking tour around Sigli, on a tour of Sigli offshore, and meals were carefully planned at restaurants that reflect the different cultures and cuisines of Aceh.

Coffee Shop Ie Leubeu is one of the remaining old Chinese (Hainanese) coffee shops in Sigli. You can see the name of the coffee shop from a distance. It is corner shop. It is at the junction of Jalan Perdagangan. This shop has been there since the 90'.

Ie Leubeu is one of village name in Kecamatan Simpang Tiga, Pidie. That name inspirated from the origin birth place of the coffee shop owner, Joni. Joni helped by 3 worker and his wife. His wife has unique talent that can make arabica coffee by her own. 

At that time, we were directed into building because the terrace floor was full. I love old, high-ceiling coffee shop such as this. There's so much character and history in every corner, tile, table, window and even the ceiling fan. Reminds me of 24 hours Chong Choon Coffee Shop in Kuching, Malaysia.

The standard brekkie in such types of restaurants consists of charcoal fire-toasted bread, sandwiched with kaya (a custard-jam made of coconut milk and eggs) and butter. Thick, strong local coffee in old mugs are another must, as are coddled eggs. This coffee shop serves every fresh cake, like pisang thok and bingkang. So, each cake served guaranteed their favors.

It was a good breakfast. I'd go to Ie Leubeu for the rustic interior and the architecture around the area. Better enjoy food in these places before it sets into the sun set.

Thanks for visiting Old Chinese Coffee Shop In Sigli: Ie Leubeu article. I hope things will get interesting going forward…


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