Boh Manok Weng Lameu, Efficacious Drink from Aceh

Have you ever heard the Teh Susu Telur (TST) term? It’s very popular drink from Medan. But, i’ll tell you similar drink from Aceh but using different ingredients and how to served it well without bad smell.

Boh Manok Weng Lameu, Efficacious Drink from Aceh

In Aceh, it is not difficult to find the location of the seller mixed egg, milk, and coffee called “Boh Manok Weng”. If in Medan they use tea, but in Aceh you’ll find that drink mixed with coffee.

In Lameu, Kecamatan Sakti, Kabupaten Pidie, Boh Manok Weng is very popular and become typical drink there. The most popular Boh Manok Weng café owned by Mr. Iskandar and Mrs. Azizah. They began to sell Boh Manok Weng since 2003 when Aceh in conflict time with Indonesia. At Ramadan month, they café reach 450 eggs to make that drinks.

They began open from early morning to midnight. This location is crowded at night until midnight. Boh Manok Weng drink made with ingredients eggs, sweetened condensed milk and boiled coffee.

It has unique way to make it. First, sweetened condensed milk poured into a glass, then added with sugar then add the egg yolk. After all materials contained, then it blend using mixer, until all ingredients well blended and formed as a white foam. Then put the mug into hot water, it’ll boiled well the egg. So the stench smell will not you smell anymore. That is the secret of Boh Manok Weng Lameu Meunasah Raya. After that don’t forget to pour the coffee into beaker containing the mixture.

When you drink for the first time, the coffee tastes like concentrated with the scent of fragrant milk and eggs. The stench smell will be mask by dominated smell of coffee and milk. The look of the drink is also very tempting. For me, the best one of mixed egg drink that I have tried is only in Lameu Meunasah Raya Kecamatan Sakti, Kabupaten Pidie. 

It did not complete to visit Pidie if you don’t drink Boh Manok Weng in Lameu. This drink is suitable to drink at sunny and rainy season. Boh Manok Weng in Lameu Meunasah Raya offer price is quite low, ranging between Rp5.000,- to Rp6.000,- . Don’t forget to taste this efficacious drink with lemang (glutinous rice roasted in bamboo tubes). Sound interesting right?

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