Developing Arafik Cake Cluster in Grong-grong Pidie, Aceh

Last week i have visited home industries located in Grong-grong, Pidie. One of the famous household industry comes from Gampong Bie is a bakpia cake. The cake itself has a special name in Pidie called arafik cake. Grong-grong already famous with Mie Caluk, but arafik is one of home industry that can be develop.

Developing Arafik Cake Cluster in Grong-grong Pidie, Aceh

Everyone who came to this village will see “lively” workers make a arafik cake. There were about 10-15 arafik cake home industries that you can found them along Grong-grong to Batee Street. 

Arafik is a cake made from a mixture of Kidney beans, also known as red beans with sugar, wrapped in flour, than baked. First, of all, the dough has been made shaped and filled with stuffing of red beans in the middle of dough. Then, before combustion process, the top of the cake spread with yolk and sesame seeds. It’ll take 5-7 minutes to baked in oven. After that, we’ll able to taste it. 

Based on my short interview and observation, it is good start to develop Arafik cake cluster in Grong-grong. Variable of amount and origin of labor, raw materials from the cake industry, supporting the business locations and venture capital was full filled there. 

Originally Grong-grong cake industry workforce comes from inside the cluster. Venture capital only from each employer furniture, so this sector need more attention. Relationships formed within the cake cluster Grong-grong is horizontal linkages and indirect relationships that exists in the use of facilities and processes meet the needs of industry.

At current time, i felt these industries need new innovations. Cake pack need to create the brand image and halal logo. The goal is that travelers make more steady this arafik cake as souvenirs. So, the arafik cake more interesting and captivating as seen in the various stalls anf souvenir shops center in Sigli or Banda Aceh.

Developing these industries should implement the basic principles of food safety. The manufacturing process of Arafik cake must maintain hygiene, storage secure, good sanitation, as well as equipment as it safe and clean.

Thanks for visiting Developing Arafik Cake Cluster in Grong-grong Pidie, Aceh article. I hope things will get interesting going forward…


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