Ervan Ceh Kul, Young Singer Finds Passion In Ethnic

Gayonese ethnic singer, Ervan Ceh Kul performs on stage in the 4th Gayo Art Summit at ACC.Des 12,2014 in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. (Photo: M. Iqbal/
Ervan, Such a talented young artist that have the full name Yoga Ervan. In an age that is still very young, Ervan including figure-laden achievements and have a lot of ability in the arts.

Ervan Ceh Kul, Young Singer Finds Passion In Ethnic

On April, 11 1988, Ervan was born to a family of thick with the scent of artistic activity. The first son Mr. Abadi Ayus of which is also the son of legendary artists M. Thaib or better known as M. Des Lakiki. Ervan’s grandfather also the founder of the Didong Lakiki Kampung Kute Lintang Group which had succeeded in the Post-war occupation of Dutch and remain as the group's pioneering birth Didong arts in Gayo Highlands.

Ervan is a figure that deserves thumbs up. At the age of 5 years Ervan has already started to join the Didong Timang Rasa Group accompany his father who also still active at that time as Ceh Kucak. At the age of 6 years, ervan has also started to try how it feels to enter recording as a child singer with the song title “Anak Merek” composed by his father and the song is still very often heard. This is also a young boy at his age at that time, has many join the music festival event include dangdud genre festival.

Entering adulthood, Ervan remain with the mission originally had a good run in Didong and musical. In the path of didong, he joined the legendary group named Kemara and participated make him famous known as Ceh Muda. 

But in the musical, Ervan was not a regular instrument player. Ceh Kul could sing rock songs with a snap and greatly deplete energy if it is on the stage. Various Western songs he ever play at the Rock Festivals such as PANTHERA, SPULTURA, THICAST, ILNINO, MUDVAYNE and EDANE. Ervan used to be the best guitarist in several rock festival.

An intelligent musical Ervan, entering adulthood joined the band Zombeetnica a group quite known in Takengon and surrounding areas.

He is adept at playing the flute, created the song aranger, and the programmers in creating all his songs by using software that developed at this time.

Armed with such capabilities, Ervan launched his first solo album scented world of music, Muniru. It album expected to give an update on the development of intelligent quality Gayo music quality. 

For me, his albums have musical coherence, depth, quality interpretation, originality and faith. They are unique. Teganing and Muniru has cited the songs as my favourite song.

Ervan who have talent in music can play a variety of musical instruments, guitar, bass, piano, drums and Gayo traditional instruments such soling, teganing, gerantung. Ervan has strains of typical sound.

To appreciate the songs composed by ervan which become very phenomenal in Gayo,among the community on Feb, 17 2013, Ervan rewarded  "Takengon Award" from Central Aceh district at gedung olah Seni (GOS) Takengon building, in order to commemorate the 436th Takengen anniversary.

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