Wild Swimming In Mountala River (Krueng Mountala)

Wild Swimming In Mountala River (Krueng Mountala) - Wild swimming in rivers is increasing in popularity across Aceh, as people discover (or, perhaps, rediscover) the pleasure of swimming in freshwaters: unaffected by chlorinated water, stark lights and tightly regimented lanes.
Wild Swimming In Mountala River (Krueng Mountala) On February, 11 2015 we rode motorbike for one hour and 15 minutes trekking, ending up at The Mountala River (Krueng Mountala), 65,2 km from Banda Aceh. The weather was perfect-cool and overcast for the trek in the morning and hot sunny in the afternoon. The water was ice-cold and refreshing and it was so much fun splashing around with the friends.
How to get to the The Mountala River (Krueng Mountala) Path It is one of the nicer Jantho motorbike paths, winding and skipping from one side of the Batalyon Kavaleri 11/Serbu TNI, all the way to the Mountala. The motorbike path takes you past paddy field and Jantho's forest. 
It is pretty clear driving in that if isol…

Chasing Waterfalls In Pidie Jaya: Gunung Palang

Chasing Waterfalls In Pidie Jaya: Gunung Palang - Gunung Palang Waterfalls is located in the middle of the forest in a mountain in Lueng Putu, Bandar Baru which were unestablished. It belongs to Desa Abah Lueng and it takes about 50 minutes driving to the west Lueng Putu market. The road to get there is not wide and has many curves. The first time I went there, I needed to ask people for directions because it was difficult to turn back if I had passed the turn. Luckily we were on the right track. Chasing Waterfalls In Pidie Jaya: Gunung Palang Finally we saw Kompi C Yonif 113/Jaya Sakti on the left side (if you come from Lueng Putu).Not far from Kompi, you'll amazed by scenery of paddy field with hills at the background. From Kompi, you have to turn left. Leaving the main street we entered a smaller road with less curves. First, we rode along the houses on both sides of the road and then we just saw trees. 
Nature adventure will definitely be enticed by the allure of Pidie Jaya's…

Lamreh Hill Aceh: A Treasure Coast Gem

After a 30 minutes journey from Banda Aceh to Krueng Raya and another 30 minutes to Desa Lamreh in Aceh Indonesia, with distantly spaced traffic on the way to Lamreh. There wasn’t a roadwork so my self and friends could use all side of the road finding and looking at the hills seemed a good cure to the tiredness. Lamreh Hill Aceh: A Treasure Coast Gem I think from this intersection, you need at least one hour with a not-so-good road condition to reach this Lamreh Hills. But I think all of this is paid-off after we reached the top of Lamreh Hills. I can understand why people love to visit in this place. It’s because at that point, we can enjoy the atmosphere of a blend of natural scenery with Lamreh Hills sea shore.
There are many people trying to take selfie or landscape photos at these hills, either you want to take photos with DSLR, pocket digital camera, or smartphone. There is the differentiate with the other holiday destination in Aceh Besar. This destination doesn’t have plenty of …

Enchanted the Beauty of Pulau Rusa

Pulau Rusa Aceh, Indonesia 
Nikon D5100

How would you describe your journeys to Pulau Rusa? What were your favourite things about being there?

Enchanted the Beauty of Pulau RusaI would describe my travels to Pulau Rusa (located at the westernmost tip of Aceh Province) that intriguing and rewarding because of the very limited information about Pulau Rusa as a travel destination. It is off the radar, so it appeals to me all the greater (at least for explorers like me). 

The island is named by the current owners of the Pulau Rusa whom visited there, he found a stag which could give a birth. The strange news quickly spread throughout the District of Lhong and Aceh Besar. So that, people call Pulau Rusa.

The only things I was aware of when I set off to the islands was the grueling air, land and sea travel time to get there, the mental image of the islands surrounded by turquoise waters and white beaches on Google Earth, malaria mosquitoes, and a sharp coral. No electricity, no television just t…

Selamat, Untukmu HMTI Unsyiah

Sesuatu itu dianggap ada, dengan awalan pada pertama kali terbentuk. Layaknya manusia, sebuah lembaga organisasi juga bisa lahir. Seperti halnya  HMTI Unsyiah yaitu Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Industri Universitas Syiah Kuala yang telah berdiri sejak tahun 2012, tepatnya pada tanggal 23 Desember pukul 16.43 WIB.
Sebagai wujud apresiasi bagi pembentukan awal HMTI Unsyiah, maka diselenggarakan Mubes KBMTI Pertama bertempat di ruangan D3 Teknik pada tanggal yang tertera di atas. Sehingga kesolidan internal lembaga dan antar mahasiswa Teknik Industri dapat terwujud dan bertahan dengan kokohnya apabila antar pengurus beserta para mahasiswa dapat memiliki rasa percaya, nyaman dan saling memperhatikan.
Sebuah Organisasi merupakan suatu wadah bagi sekelompok orang yang di harapkan mampu untuk menjadi sarana efektif demi mengakomodasi kepentingan kolektif orang-orang yang tergabung di dalamnya. Atas dasar pemahaman itulah sebenarnya sebuah organisasi bisa terbentuk dan menjadi entitas bersama dal…