PLTD Apung, Fascinating Ship In Residental Area

PLTD Apung, Fascinating Ship In Residental Area - PLTD Apung becomes a favorable attraction, either the local society or outside area of Aceh. Most of Malaysian are loving to come here. Fascinating ship in residential area.

PLTD Apung, Fascinating Ship In Residental Area

PLTD Apung is a offshore diesel- powered electric generating ship where formerly used to supply the crisis of electricity power in Banda Aceh City. It will be used when suffering prolonged conflict. It has the weight of 2.600 ton carried by the 2004 tsunami water along 5 kilometer away from coastline and stationed in the center of local village. This floating diesel has a 63 meters length and 1,900 meters area.

What's remarkable is that this enormous ship sits right in the middle of a densely packed residential area. The tsunami hit this place hard, as is evidenced by both the presence of the ship and a smattering of smashed up houses sitting within the confines of this bizarre tourist attraction.

It's possible to climb up to the top of the ship from where fantastic views across Banda Aceh can be seen, but it's better to do this early in the morning rather than in the afternoon when the beating sun can become quite oppressive. 

Since November 3, May 2015 inside the hull of this ship functioned as a museum. Sighting in this ship is very good, also comes with various explanations the origin of vessel and also the testimony of the tsunami survivors on board. Sadly when i came on June, 23 2015 the hull museum closed. During the fasting month, this museum were only open at a particular time.

Close to PLTD Apung Museum, a playground for kids of tsunami victim also becomes a documentation center of tsunami where all pictures are displayed well. The picture it's self is shown to people, so those who see It will enable to take benefit behind the accident.

This is a fascinating Banda Aceh site and should be on your list of things to do in the city.

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