The First International Rapa’i Festival In Aceh

Aceh International Rapa’i Festival
Rapa’i-Aceh’s traditional music percussion
An old music instrument of the Aceh known as "Rapa’i" has a long history as a province branding inhabited by the majority of Acehnese society.

Rapa’i is a traditional Acehnese percussion music instrument and mostly used for dance performances, religious ceremonies such as marriage, circumcision, anniversaries and traditional event.

The First An International Rapa’i Festival In Aceh

The event was opened by 150 appearances Rapai drummers from various communities in Aceh. They show a wide expertise beating Rapai, from large to small sizes. The main show was held in Taman Ratu Safiatuddin. It was also held at Taman Budaya and Taman Tsunami.
Aceh International Rapa’i Festival 2016
Aceh International Rapa’i Festival
Takes place from 26 to August 30 under The Light Of Aceh, The Aceh International Rapa’i Festival was held for the first time in Banda Aceh – the capital city of Aceh Province aims to enliven Aceh as world halal tourism destination. 

Musical parade at the opening night featuring among other performances by Rapa’i group of West Sumatra and Thailand.

The performance of Rapa’i and by other countries music percussions such as Thailand, Iran, Malaysia and China. So, there were coaching clinic and seminars to exchange experience between countries of the artists to broaden cultural actors.
From the opening speech, the mayor expectation shared by Reza Pahlevi, head of the Cultural and Tourism City of Aceh.
"Rapa’i International Festival is one of the Aceh government's efforts in preserving traditional values, especially ethnic music Aceh. In addition, an international festival that simultaneously increase the capacity of actors art and culture in Aceh," he said.
The festival was closed by the Aceh governor, dr Zaini Abdullah. He hopes the event can become a routine event tourism in the Aceh. The closing ceremony was enlivened Indonesian drummer Gilang Ramadhan and jazz singer from Aceh, Tompi.
Aceh Rapa'i Festival
Subur Dani, an ethnic Tangke band vocalist
The whole 5 days event performance being played seriously and energetically so that the audience was mesmerized and being merged into the music. In Aceh, the night show performances were held from 20.00 pm after isya pray, so everyone can enjoy the show.
@zlvn - Grab your Rapa'i and hear an iconic Acehnese music intrument sound.

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Aceh is joining the National Halal Tourism Competition from August 26 to  15 September. 2016. If Aceh win the nominations category, will be represent Indonesia in the event the World Halal Travel Award 2016 in Dubai .

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