Review: Garuda Indonesia Economy Class, Medan to Jakarta

Garuda Indonesia
Aluminium Big Bird
A 6.30am reminder for a 7am pickup to Kualanamu air terminal for a 9am flight. With next to no movement on the streets at this dull hour, I was at the air terminal at 7.45 am for an aggregate taxi toll of Rp40.000,- .

With just my lightweight stuff, I checked in for the 9am Garuda Indonesia flight to Jakarta and headed through security. There were numerous shops were open, so after a few laps of the flight's lounge I held up until loading up started. 

A snappy stroll down a few stairs and I headed over the landing area to my holding up Boeing 737-800. As the sun ascending high, a few travelers were taking photographs of themselves before the glimmering white flying machine. 

Up the forward stairs and onto the plane I was warmly welcomed by a lodge team part once locally available this generally airship. 

Delicate green seeds and cocoa headrests were lovely looking, similar to the private television screen (AVOD) in each seatback blazing between 'Welcome Aboard' and 'Make the most of Your Flight' in both Bahasa and English. 

The flight left over the focal Sumatera island, Riau with the crowded oil palm ranch. The homogenous sea of green found in the photo above from what I found on the plane that day. They were still a significant dynamite sight to see from the air. 

A breakfast box was served alongside a decision of juices, water, tea or espresso. 

Inside the case was a jug of water and a cheesy breakfast move on a sweet bread. It was delicate and flavorful and very delightfu 

The commander furnished us with a smooth arrival slightly in front of timetable and as we maneuvered to the terminal there were a few Citilink Air flying machine holding up to leave.

We stopped right alongside another Citilink Air Boeing 737-900 and it wasn't much sooner than the safety belt sign was exchanged off and we were permitted to land. At this time, you are properly to switch on your mobile phone, for inform your family or social media update.

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Flight date: 21 October 2015 
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 
Flight Number: GA183 
Flight Time: 2hr 25mins 
Class: Economy 
Seat: 7F


  1. Seumur-umur aku belom pernah naik pesawat segede itu *memandangtakjub

    1. ah om ndut sok merendah, padahal udah pernah naik yg pesawat yg lebih wow lagi :)


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